Them: Tribulation: Wrath of God

During the seven year Tribulation period, following the Rapture of all the Christians to heaven, the Bible warns that the wrath of God will be poured out on.

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THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET DANIEL - The Book of the Prophet Daniel is the major apocalyptic book of the Old Testament and contains the prophecy of the Son of Man, a Messianic figure fulfilled in Jesus.

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Breaking Paradigms - A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen. So, what does this mean about what you have been told about Satan? Is Satan shiny? Yes. But is he actually a snake, serpent, or reptilian? Or a red horned goat man?

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Jesus centered Bible Study - Exodus, Judges, Nehemiah. JPN - Jesus centered Bible Studies. Messianic prophecies & types. Spiritual warfare in Nehemiah, Christian life in Ruth, Studies of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses.

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Envy, Wrath, Vengeance, Need, and Greed - BECK index Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, and Persian Empires. by Sanderson Beck. Assyrian Empire 967-664 BC Assyrian Empire 664-609 BC Neo-Babylonian Empire